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SHONOS Japanese Grill
Birmingham, Alabama
Telephone: 205-988-3319

1843 Montgomery Highway (just south of the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, in the shopping center where Hobby Lobby is located)
988-3319 Open for lunch and dinner.
A local blogger wrote, "You won't find the theatrics of chefs cooking at your table and tossing bits of food into customers?? mouths that's so common with conventional Japanese steak houses. But you will find food that's just as delicious, and at much lower prices than what the big steak houses charge." Eddie Cui, owner and head chef, has operated several restaurants around the South. Read our review.
Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 11:15 AM by Registered Commenter Deborah Lock ridge in Birmingham Restaurants: Hoover | Comments3 Comments
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What a great find! We were headed to Shogun for sushi on a Friday evening with our 8-year-old daughter in tow. The large crowd waiting in the parking lot (!) spelled a change of plans. I remember reading the review of Shonos here so I suggested to my wife that we try it. We both had Miso soup, a salad and the Eddie's Special. My daughter had an order of Gyoza (pot stickers). Everything was delicious! Think Teppan Table without the show. I especially liked the "shrimp sauce" on the beef and chicken. Service was very attentive and all our questions were answered enthusiastically. With two beers and some mango ice-cream for dessert we got out for under $ 50 and couldn't have eaten any more. Highly recommended!
April 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterStott & Leigh Noble

I have taken my coworkers here, my parents, my best friend, and we all love it. My favorite is the Eddie's special. The "fried rice" is more like brown rice than what you expect from the local japanese/chinese restaurants, all the better for the white shrimp sauce they bring to your table. I always get in and out quickly, even if they are busy, and highly recommend it.
December 12, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercjackso
Come try Shonos, a new Japanese restaurant near Riverchase! It's a cozy, family-owned grill-centered Japanese bistro. The menu features delicious, healthy food at very reasonable prices (perfect for college students!).

Instead of expensive grill tables and overpriced sushi, Shonos contains one large grill and a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the menu items includes:

Teriyaki Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Scallops, or the Eddie Special (a blend of spicy marinated chicken and beef) all served with fresh fried rice and grilled vegetables made to order and served quickly. Start off your meal with made-that-morning miso soup or gyoza dumplings. Don't forget to ask for the shrimp sauce (a secret, creamy recipe used to pour over all the food, not just shrimp)!
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We discovered this little Japanese restaurant for lunch today. It is located in the Hoover Commons shopping center, and our waiter informed us they just opened in July. The restaurant layout is long and narrow. Tables are along the right wall all the way to the back of the restaurant. The cooking area and kitchen are along the left side. The chef's grill is placed in the open and diners can be seated along a bar facing it. The decor is simple, and gives the restaurant a crisp Japanese feel.

The menu is limited, but offers selections of chicken, seafood, and steak. The wife ordered the Shrimp entree and I ordered the Eddie Special (steak and chicken). I also ordered a bowl of Miso soup.  I thought the soup was very good. Each entree was preceded with an iceberg lettuce salad with ginger dressing. The entrees are served on a plate with rice (fried or white), and fresh vegetables. The meat is cooked in a lite teriyaki-like sauce that I found very tasty.

We enjoyed our experience very much and would recommend dining here. I hope the restaurant will succeed because it offers a unique Japanese dining option.  Quality "chop 'em up" food  without the wait, show, and expense. It was very busy at lunch time and there were only three workers.  They will need to hire more help to provide prompt service.
Paul C         www.yelp.com

      Friday, November 23, 2007

Egg rolls to entrees are all excellent at new Japanese restaurant

[SHONOS JAPANESE GRILL, ????? 1843 Montgomery Highway, 988-3319]

Hoards of diners streamed past us into the well established meat-and-three restaurants nearby, but we were headed to the Japanese restaurant Shonos, a novel new addition to the Hobby Lobby shopping center on Montgomery Highway in Riverchase.

The restaurant is clean and efficient, with a calm, understated decor and fast, friendly service. The color scheme is cream and black, with a few paper lanterns and other discrete Asian touches thrown in for good measure.Unlike some of other local Japanese restaurants, Shonos does not feature chefs performing table-side, twirling an egg on knife blade and tossing a shrimp into a diner's open mouth.

However, despite an absence of teppan tables, Shonos' exposed grill does allow diners a clear view of Chef Eddie at work, and the substantially lower prices made us not miss the fancy Japanese grills so much.

The menu is succinct....

Salad were composed of fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce and shaved carrot, topped with a delicious lemony ginger dressing that was less creamy and more coarsely ground than some we've tasted. Very good.

Entree are served with vegetables and rice...

Meats are seasoned with Teriyaki sauce. Beef cubes were tender and cooked medium as requested. Shrimp were plentiful.Scallops were particularly outstanding, described by one diner as best he's ever tasted....

Eddie Special is the only menu item that departs from the basic formula, adding a spicy marinade to the mix, Beef and chicken were both tender and well seasoned--spicy but not to heavily so....

Because we were so favorably impressed with the quality of the food, the speedy, friendly service, and the reasonable prices at Shonos, we were concerned on our initial weeknight visit to discover we were the only diners in the place. However, on a follow-up lunchtime visit we were pleased to find a decent crowd.....