SHONOS Japanese Grill
Birmingham, Alabama
Telephone: 205-988-3319
Frequently Asked Questions about Shonos
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Are your foods very healthy?
            Yes.They are. Our vegetables and meat are freshly cooked on the grill. The juicy sauce in your meal is made without any grease or oil.
            Some customers thought that sauce got greasy looking. Actually it just has a bright color caused by one kind of Japanese potato starches.
            By the way "Terriyaki" in Japanese means "Bright Cooking"

Do you deliver?
            The Takeout Birmingham will deliver our food to you.
            You can click HERE or call 205-823-7524 to place your order

What does SHONOS mean?
            It's Eddie's first name in his native language. It means "farmer in morning"

How long have you open?
            We opened this one in Alabama which is our number sixth restaurant on July, 2007. Our very first one was in Georgia back to 1994.

Do you serve Sushi?
             No. We prefer cooking foods on grill with the temperature over 700 degree.

Why do you close between 2-5 pm?
             We try  not store the prepared food over night. Lunch is prepared in the morning and dinner in the afternoon.

Do you take credit cards or checks?
             We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. No checks. Sorry!

How fast we can get our food?
             Usually it will take 5 to 10 minutes before you can get your meal on both dine in or take out order. During the rush hour it could  be just a little longer.

How about if we are allergic to somethings?
            Please let the server know and we will leave the thing out of your meal. We do not use MSG or Egg at all. Also you can request the food
            to be cooked without Oil, Salts, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Mushroom, Onion, or what ever you don't like.

What's in Miso Soup and Gyoza?
             Miso means Soy Bean in Japanese. Miso Soup is made of soy bean past, green onion, and sea weed.
            Gyoza means Dumpling, made of pork and vegetables, steamed on grill, served with home made Gyoza sauce. 6 pieces per order.

What is the Shrimp (white) Sauce?
             It's our special sauce and contains no shrimp. Basically, it uses mayonnaise to carry 13 different kind of spices.
            If you love Shonos, you will sure love this sauce too.

What is Eddie Special?
             Sliced chicken and beef are marinated with special sauce. It's mild spicy
            You can read the story about it on our window.

I never had this type of food. Is it hard to order?
             We have very simple menu. You will choose what you like from 5 to 6 items with together  of our friendly waitresses.

I do not like Veggies. What can I do?
             They can be substituted to soup, rice or salad. Also you can order Teriyaki Bowl without the bother of them.

Eddie really does importing bushiness too?
            Yes. He also owns a Industrial supply company, doing importing business with China after the restaurant closed at night
             (It's daytime in China then). Welcome to  contact him for making your products in China.